3 Reasons Why Corporate Events are Good for Business

More than ever, companies are turning to corporate retreats and getaways to help redefine themselves and rebuild cohesion in a post-pandemic world. From small, specialized businesses to enterprise level corporations, corporate events have become a mainstay of business plans across industries. Heck, even without the setbacks that 2020 may have delivered to your organization’s deliverables, teams or individuals that go about their daily tasks tucked away in silos do not spell success for most companies.

Here are just a few reasons why corporate events, especially in the right setting, will help your employees thrive as individuals and consequently, be stronger as a team.

Corporate Events Build Authentic Morale

While enthusiasm and confidence are two things any boss wants to see employees demonstrate on a regular basis, and not just in meetings, it’s just as important that the person giving kudos isn’t pretending either when he or she says “Hey, nice job today!” One way to ensure that employee enthusiasm for work as well as the boss’s recognition of hard work is authentic is by coming together for an offsite corporate event or conference.

Whether it’s a corporate retreat to the Northern California Gold Country (more on that in a minute!) or a trip to Vegas, treating employees like, well, the human beings that they are, who crave being seen and heard, sets the stage for the development of a high level of authentic employee morale.

Corporate Events Build Teams (Even During Downtime)

It was Aristotle who said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts,” and it could not be truer when it comes to corporate success — for any organization. A department that truly understands each member’s strengths and weaknesses is like a built-in safety net for success. This dynamic is easily forgotten (or missed completely) during a typical day of grinding at the office and then shuffling through the door to make the 6 p.m. train.

Best of all, team-building at a corporate retreat doesn’t end when the last break-out session is over; that powerful feeling of support and trust lingers, and gives employees something to bond over at dinner or during a fun local excursion after the computer is powered down.

Offsite Corporate Events Really Do Increase Productivity!

Corporate events are a great way to reset the old ways and encourage fresh approaches to old problems; it’s a time to address nagging workflow or productivity issues, and generally, get things going in the right direction again. What better way to pump up your teams than by treating them to an offsite getaway, especially a mid-week corporate event where they are not only not in the office on a Tuesday or Wednesday (or both!), they’re in the wine country; instead of stopping at the grocery store on the way home, they’re gathering in the lobby bar or hotel restaurant to chat about the day’s strategy sessions.

Let’s face it: Business solutions aren’t always born at a desk, or even in a conference room, regardless of the catered lunch that’s dropped off and enjoyed out of boxes sitting next to computer screens. If you’re a business owner who wants to increase grass-roots morale, build teams that last, and open your team’s eyes to what productivity really looks like, it’s probably time to get your people offsite for a corporate retreat.

If you’re thinking about a business event venue in Northern California that’s close to both the Bay Area or Central Valley, and that offers a unique setting, technology capabilities for every need, and award-winning wineries just minutes away, contact Hotel Sutter for more information or to book your corporate event today.