4 Compelling Reasons to Plan a Corporate Retreat

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, a corporate retreat offers many benefits — especially when it comes to boosting morale and productivity, not to mention the bottom line!

Think of the upsides of a company retreat in terms of a family, and how time together facilitates flow: a newly married professional couple need to feel supported in their careers and respect one another’s work; a family of four with two working parents outside of the home need to logically and fairly divvy up chores and gain appreciation for one another’s responsibilities outside the home; for a family of six or eight, it’s all of that and more. Regular family meetings where schedules can be compared, voices can be heard, and priorities can be established is essential to a smoothly running household that isn’t in crisis mode every day.

Corporate getaways don’t need to be in exotic locales or expensive resorts; they just need to be. An offsite event venue that brings everyone together without the stressors of everyday life, above the fray of office politics and tasks, which offers privacy for collaboration and activities for downtime is all that’s needed.

Here are four reasons why a company retreat may be perfect for your business:

  1. Retreats boost morale: Enthusiasm for going to work every day, and the confidence that you are making a difference is all wrapped up in that six-letter word: m-o-r-a-l-e. When morale is high, positive energy dominates an office; when it’s low, it creates resistance to people and tasks and that can ruin workflow. A midweek business retreat can do wonders for reviving the energy in an organization.
  2. Synergy is developed with in-person business retreats: When two people, departments or even branches of any entity physically come together outside of a work environment for a business retreat at an event venue, bridges are built and divides are crossed. This translates into more and deeper cooperation — for any type of business.
  3. Corporate retreats and events recognize ALL team members: Just like in a classroom if you ask any teacher, the most outgoing people often get more recognition for their contributions. More introverted employees may be operating at the same level of productivity, but their nature doesn’t push them into the limelight. A company retreat or mid-week, offsite business event can level the playing (and working) field.
  4. Company retreats save money! That’s right, organizing a company retreat brings employees from different locations together at key points in the year (Q4 wrap-ups, mid-year reorganization, Q1 goal setting, etc.) which saves multiple excursions that project managers or execs may take in a given month or year.

More than ever, workplaces are not looking like they did ten, five, or even two years ago. With virtual technology and work-from-home options being commonplace in almost every industry today, a calendared company retreat can drive morale, increase understanding between departments or company locations, and ultimately, lower the bottom line while productivity soars.

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